MCN Green Business Assessment Program

In 2010 the Economic Leadership Group of Marysville and Triangle area approached the Murrindindi Climate Network to seek assistance in the development of a Green Code of Practice for the local business community. The motivation was to achieve environmental outcomes and to position Marysville and Triangle as an environmentally sensitive tourism destination.

The Murrindindi Climate Network (MCN) was able to access grant funding from the Environment Protection Authority Victoria for the two test areas of Marysville & Triangle and Yea (3717 area). MCN designed a program that would offer concrete benefits for participating businesses in the form of free business assessments and allow them to actively participate in the formulation of the Green Code of Practice.

To date, over 40 businesses, public buildings and tourism operators have received an free assessment and a individualised report with tips to increase their energy efficiency and lower their environmental foot print. The results of the forty assessments have also been collated in a Technical Report, outlining the problems found at the different locations along with the solutions proposed. It includes many tips with regards to energy efficiency/energy saving measures and environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods.

To download the Technical Report, click here.

For demonstration purposes a movie has been created, showcasing the achievements of local businesses of the Marysville & Triangle area and Yea district.

Filming at Marmalades


Cameraman Kevin Manning (Director, Hero Productions) filming green business assessors Peter McKernan and Andrew Cooper discussing lighting issues at Marmelade's café in Yea

In a next step, the MCN Green Business Assessor team has been working together with the Marysville business community to create an Environmental Stewardship Guide, to help them keep up the good work.

In addition, another direct action component has been added to the program and will be rolled out over the months of July-August 2014: The dissemination and installation of all up 60 Wireless Energy Use Monitors to businesses of our test areas in Marysville and Yea districts.

After a number of trials conducted by Peter McKernan, we have settled on a product developed by the Watts Clever Group, a Melbourne company specialised in energy monitoring and energy saving. The Wireless Energy Monitor shows the electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours and in dollars of the premises in real time. Therefore:

- you can see the effect of turning off lights, appliances and equipment on your electricity costs immediately;

- you can monitor your energy consumption on a daily basis and identify areas in which you are needlessly using electricity;

- you can then take concrete steps to reduce energy use and costs in these areas.

Energy Use Monitor

Many businesses were interested in receiving a free Wireless Energy Monitor and were visited by Peter McKernan who installed them and gave them a brief training session. There are a few left, and if you are interested, contact Peter by email to arrange for a Wireless Energy Monitor (